Product information
Test to assess the adhesion of single and multi-coat paint finishes to their substrate, as well as the layers on top of each other of car bodies, components, test panels, plastic parts and interior paintwork. To determine the adhesion strength of a coating, i.e. its resistance to separation from the substrate. To assess the quality and integrity of the coating film, vertical cuts are added to the coating. An adhesive tape is then stuck over the incisions and quickly removed. The assessment is based on the extent of the coating that remains on the substrate after the tape is removed. This test is used to identify defects, irregularities or surface preparation issues that may affect adhesion or coating performance.

Technical data

Sample size: min. 50x50mm
Number of samples: 3
Test standard: AA-0180
Norm type: AA (BMW)
Test Method: Surface Resistance
Test Method: Materials Testing
Type of Material: Painted Surfaces
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