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Whether complete vehicle, systems or physical components: As an accredited testing laboratory, we offer comprehensive testing expertise and testing facilities for functional validation at six locations in Germany. With a deep understanding of products and systems, we support our customers in the development of their prototypes and products.

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Our most ordered tests

Determination of Charpy impact properties: Notched impact strength DIN EN ISO 179-1/1eA

Determination of Charpy impact properties: notched impact strength. Testing of a notched specimen. In this test, the specimen is prepared with a standardized V or U notch that creates a stress concentration point. Impact force is applied to the notched area, and the test measures the ability of the material to break and absorb energy at that specific point. Assessing resistance to sudden impact or shock. The test results are used as a basis in material selection, quality control and ensuring the suitability of plastics for various applications

Abrasion of markings and letterings DIN EN 60068-2-70

Testing the resistance of markings and inscriptions on parts of electrotechnical products such as switches, plugs or levers to abrasion caused by wiping with fingers and hands. External Test

Condensation Water Constant Atmosphere Test AA-0213

Testing of resistance of vehicle paintwork and vehicle add-on parts (e.g. corrosion, peeling or deterioration of the surface finish) to high humidity. Additionally: before/after the test:2xgrid section test according to AA-0180

Cross hatch testing AA-0180

Test to assess the adhesion of single and multi-coat paint finishes to their substrate, as well as the layers on top of each other of car bodies, components, test panels, plastic parts and interior paintwork. To determine the adhesion strength of a coating, i.e. its resistance to separation from the substrate. To assess the quality and integrity of the coating film, vertical cuts are added to the coating. An adhesive tape is then stuck over the incisions and quickly removed. The assessment is based on the extent of the coating that remains on the substrate after the tape is removed. This test is used to identify defects, irregularities or surface preparation issues that may affect adhesion or coating performance.

Resistance of Surfaces to Car-wash Machines AA-0054

Evaluating the wet scratch resistance of painted surfaces in a simulated car wash with rotating brushes using synthetic dirt. The test is used to assess the resistance of the surface exposed to common mechanical actions, detergents and water pressure in car washes. Incl. gloss according to AA-0101 and brightness value according to AA-0354External Test

Sun cream resistance AA-0053

Testing the resistance of interior painted surfaces to sunscreen. The test focuses on evaluating the durability and performance of the paint when exposed to sunscreen, which may contain chemicals that can potentially attack the paint. The component is tested for visual and tactile changes, such as cracking of the paint.

Our range of services at a glance

Mechanical Testing

Mechanical testing is critical to evaluate the strength, resilience and behavior of materials under various forces. These tests play a central role in the development and quality assurance of products.

Environmental Testing

Think globally, act locally: A Climatic world tour with us on site - environmental simulation testing for vehicles, equipment and materials. 

Materials Testing

From aging resistance to tensile testing - Our expertise for materials in vehicle interiors

Emission Testing

Testing of interior emissions

Vehicle Safety

We offer comprehensive functional and sensory testing for occupant and passenger protection in the field of vehicle safety in the automotive sector and in other mobility sectors.

Acoustic testing / NVH

Our team of experts combines virtual simulations and physical testing methods to create optimal acoustic solutions and give your products an outstanding sound.

Electrical / electronic Testing

With the increasing number of assistance systems in the vehicle, the E/E components are also increasing. Reliability is a key aspect here.
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